1. Beijing Shengshu Technology completed angel round financing at a valuation of $100 million. AI startup Beijing Sheng Number Technology Co., Ltd. announced that it has completed an angel round of financing, led by Ant Group, BV Baidu Venture Capital and Zhuoyuan Capital, and the current valuation has reached $100 million. This round of financing will mainly be used for the construction of the core research and development team to accelerate the research and development of multi-modal large models and application products.
  2. FIFA uses AI to track social media abuse during the World Cup. FIFA has announced the use of artificial intelligence to track abuse and discrimination against players on social media during the 2022 World Cup. More than 300 people have been identified so far and their details have been referred to law enforcement.
  3. Hebei Broadcasting, Baidu Intelligent Cloud and Xiaodu Technology signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Hebei Radio and Television Wireless Media Co., LTD., Baidu Intelligent Cloud and Small Degree Technology signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Beijing. The three parties will give full play to their respective advantages in technology, resources and platforms, cooperate in smart media and artificial intelligence industry bases, and promote the innovative application of cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence and large models in the field of large audiovisual.
  4. Huace set up AIGC Application Research Institute to promote the application of new technologies in the industry. Huace Film and Television announced the establishment of AIGC Application Research Institute and the establishment of AIGC special fund in order to comprehensively promote the industrial layout of AIGC and accelerate the application of new technologies in the industry.
  5. The official account of Ideal car culture “There is an ideal” issued a document introducing the development of the company in the field of AI large language model. Chen Wei, head of ideal car spatial algorithm, said: “Before ChatGPT came out, we have started the training of the entire large language model. The large model of the ideal car has powerful text generation capabilities, language understanding capabilities, knowledge answering capabilities and logical reasoning capabilities.”
  6. LTX, a subsidiary of Broadridge, a US financial technology company, recently announced the launch of BondGPT, a chatbot APP based on the GPT-4 model, for corporate bond investment. Primarily aimed at corporate bond investors, including hedge funds, traders, etc., BondGPT can answer a variety of bond-related questions and help users solve related questions.
  7. Meitu released an “aesthetic AI vision grand model” called “MiracleVision”, which provides AI vision solutions for industry customers and co-builds model ecology with creators and developers.
  8. Princeton University researchers have released an open-source AI model called Infinigen that can generate realistic 3D scenes of the natural world. Infinigen models can also be used as a generator of training data, providing features including “object detection”, “semantic segmentation”, “pose estimation”, “3D reconstruction”, “view synthesis” and “video generation”, which can be used for scene training by computer vision-related AI.
  9. Tencent Cloud launched the industry large model selection store. Tencent Cloud plans to create a one-stop industry model selection store, covering ten industries such as finance, cultural tourism, government affairs, media and education, providing more than 50 solutions. Customers simply add their own scene data to quickly generate proprietary models.
  10. The UK allows driverless cars for commercial use. A driverless car rental project has been launched in the UK, marking the first time driverless cars have been allowed for commercial use in the country
  11. You set up AI Innovation Institute to promote the deep integration of games and AI. Youzu announced the establishment of the AI Innovation Institute, which is committed to promoting the deep integration of games and artificial intelligence research, and providing power for game development and global distribution business.
  12. The AI financing plan generated by GPT-4 is sought after by VC. The financing plan written by AI triggered a crazy pursuit of VC, and even VC promised to invest directly in the plan generated by GPT-4 on the spot. It is said that the success rate of AI financing is three times that of humans.
  13. IBM and Adobe join forces to create AI-accelerated Content supply chain solutions that help customers build integrated content supply chain ecosystems that drive collaboration, optimize creativity, increase speed and automate tasks. Adobe’s enterprise customers will have access to IBM consulting experts, including 21,000 data, AI and experience consultants.