1. 360 Smart Brain Conference will iterate 360 Smart Brain to version 4.0, focusing on key words such as multimodal, all-end application and digital person. Among them, the digital people of 360 Wisdom Brain became the most enthusiastic innovation point on the scene, led by Zhou Hongwei.
  2. The President of France announced more than 500 million euros to develop AI! French President Emmanuel Macron announced at the opening ceremony of the “Long Live Science and Technology” science and technology Innovation Exhibition held in Paris on the 14th that he will invest more than 500 million euros in the development of AI and build world-class industrial clusters in the face of the wave of the new industrial revolution.
  3. Google announces generative AI for online shopping! Google has enlisted 80 models (40 men and 40 women) to build the feature, and the generative AI model generates a photo of the model wearing the appropriate outfit based on images on the retailer’s website, and accurately reflects how it folds, adheres, stretches, forms wrinkles and shadows on various real models in various poses.
  4. Hon Hai Group’s Hon Bai Technology has seen strong demand for AI server related businesses when it prepares new iPhone 15. To meet demand, Hon Hai plans to add five to six new production lines.
  5. Jd.com AI Daniu Mei Tao announced the creation of HiDream.ai, a company focused on generative vision multimodal basic models and applications, and plans to surpass the latest version of Stable Diffusion by the end of the year.
  6. Shenzhen plans to become a digital pioneer city by 2025, promoting the digital transformation of the city through digital technology simulation and management of urban infrastructure, buildings and services.
  7. baichuan Intelligence, founded by Wang Xiaochuan, officially launched the first 7 billion parameter Chinese and English pre-training large model Baichuan 7B on June 15. This model comprehensively surpassed other large models in C-Eval, AGIEval and Gaokao Chinese authoritative evaluation lists with significant advantages, and was significantly ahead of LLaMA 7B in MMLU English authoritative evaluation lists.
  8. NetEase Cloud Music x Xiaoice: a total of AI singer music creation software! Xiaoice Company and NetEase Cloud Music announced a strategic cooperation, the two sides jointly launched AI singer music creation software “NetEase Cloud music.” XStudio has been officially launched for musicians and music lovers to use for free, the software can help musicians create a new generation of AI music works. The software debuted 12 AI singers and will continue to introduce new ones.
  9. Microsoft’s market capitalization reached nearly $2.6 trillion, and it became the second largest company in the world with OpenAI! In 2021, Microsoft rode the east wind of the metauniverse, the market value went all the way up, breaking through 2.5 trillion, surpassing Apple to become the world’s most valuable company, and now, in the capital market is left in the winter, the global economy is weak, Microsoft is again betting on OpenAI and AI boom, the market value is close to 2.6 trillion, once again creating history.
  10. Microsoft has launched a free introductory course for AI beginners, consisting of 24 lessons over 12 weeks. Courses will teach different approaches to artificial intelligence, neural networks and deep learning, and neural architectures for processing images and text, among other things.
  11. Chegg, a leader in online education, announced it was cutting about 4 percent of its workforce. Chegg has suffered as students increasingly turn to AI chatbots such as ChatGPT for help.
  12. Adobe has released a new plug-in, Cerative Recolor, which enables one-click AI coloring and simplifies the design process. Users simply click on the plugin in the lllustrator software, enter the desired style, and the painting can be intelligently colored. Combined with Stable Diffusion or Midjourney, the design/painting workflow can be reshaped.
  13. The total number of ChatGPT plugins has reached 430! Since OpenAI opened the plug-in, the number of its plug-ins has been increasing rapidly, according to the statistics of foreign users, the latest total number of plug-ins has been 430, compared with the 74 when it was just opened on May 13, an increase of more than 400%.